Paragliding in Oludeniz

Date:  Every Day;  you should make reservation the day before the descent from the congress desk.

Price: Per person 120 Euro (transfer to the top of the mountain and pilot is included)

Half day adventure tour. 

 Get ready for an extraordinary experience every year with thousands of tourists enjoying a bird’s eye view of Ölüdeniz beach, which is preferred to fly. 

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After a safe departure from Babadağ (1960 mt) mountain with experienced pilots, after a flight between 25-40 minutes, we make a safe descent to the magnificent beach of Ölüdeniz. Turkey’s and the world’s best paragliding runway (Babadag, 1960), which also ölüdeniz are waiting for you to live this wonderful experience together. 

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Tandem Paragliding means that a paraglider can fly two people, the pilot and the passenger at the same time. 

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They are landing to the Oludeniz sands.

paraşüt manzaraları ölüdeniz ile ilgili görsel sonucu               Are you ready to descent?


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